How to get the most out of your spray tan?

Who remembers back in the day when you tanned at home and came out orange and patchy? Guilty! Well I’m sure some people still do! Save yourself the hassel and get a professional spray tan.

Not only can a spray tan make you feel a million dollars you can actually feel like you’ve lost a few kilos! Everything looks better when you’re tanned.

However, getting a good spray tan makes all the differnece. Invest in a professinal spray tanner who knows what they are doing and uses a good spray tanning product.

At Harper Hair Subiaco we use Vani-T tanning solutions. They are amazing! I have been tanning for over 10 years and this is by far my favourtite tanning product. It smells great, and comes off the skin so easily when it needs to be removed. We have 8 hour solutions if you like to sleep in your tan or express tans that can be washed off after an hour.

Now, how can you prep and get the most out of your tan?

Firstly always exfoliate before coming in. I recommend getting a good pair of exfoliating gloves. If you would normally shave your legs shave them before your tan. If you shave after it can remove your tan. Don’t moisturise or wear any deodrant to your tan appointment. Always bring something loose to wear home after.

Once you’ve had your tan it is important not to get wet at all untill you shower. So no doing dishes when you get home!! Your tanning specialist will let you know how long you need to leave your tan on for. Once showered pat yourself dry with a towel don’t rub too hard. MOISTURIZE!! The more you moisturize the better and longer your tan will last. If your skin stays hydrated your tan is less likely to crack or peel.

Excersising, any form of sweating or swimming will make your tan come off faster. So if you have a big event try to limit these activities for the best results.

So don’t forget to exfoliate prior to your tan appointment, and mositurise moisturise moisturise!!! Happy Tanning xx