Why is it so important to use good haircare?

Think of your hair stylist as your hair doctor. Just like your skin or health if you don't look after yourself you need natural health enhancers or medictation to get you to the best version of yourself. 

Your hair is the same. It get's damaged through colours, heat styling and our beautiful sun. Some of us are lucky to have strong thick hair that can handle a lot more of these elements than other's. But every hair type is different. If you are experiencing any type of breakage, colour fading or your styling never hold's ask your stylist for the what they would recommend.

The most important haircare to start with is a good Shampoo and Conditioner. Alot of shampoo's and conditioner's from the supermarket contain artificial Silicone. What this does is makes your hair feel soft and silky to start,  but it's actually creating a barrier on the outside of your hair which make's it harder for colour to penetrate through and for other products to be absorbed. For example, if you are using Olaplex at home or in the salon it may not be working to its full potential. Why? Because Olaplex works on reconstructing the bond's inside your hair shaft, it protect's from further breakage whilst colouring, however if your have a bulid up of silicone on your hair it may be preventing Olaplex or other treatments from actually getting through. A build up of silicone on the hair can also prevent colours from holding as they can't get into the hair shaft. You may be paying for a beautiful colour that has taken hours for your stylist to do, to only have your toner or semi permanent colour last a couple of washes.

Your hair will look and feel it's best when it's in the best conditon possible. Colour's will hold longer and your waves will last longer! 

Listen to your stylist, invest in a good Shampoo and Conditioner. And once you love the feel of that maybe treat yourself to a weekly treatment! Most salons also stock super cute minis of shampoo's and conditioner's so you can try them first before you invest in a big bottle.

Our fav product for repairing damaged hair is Wella Fusion. Make's the hair feel amazing without weighing it down and rebonds the hair over time! They retail for $31.00 each.