Get that beautiful summer glow all year round with our flawless looking natural spray tans . Each tan is individually created depending on your natural skin colour and desired result.

95% Naturally derived. Australian Made. Cruelty Free

Vani-T’s tanning solutions are formulated with professional, result driven ingredients, chosen specifically for their performance and exceptional skin care advantages. They utilise the world’s finest natural and organic ingredients to ensure a quality tanning experience and an olive based tone, whilst offering anti-aging and skin renewal benefits.

Prior to your spray tan, exfoliate & moisturise a few days leading up to your tan day. Before your tan, shower, exfoliate and do not apply any moisturiser and deodorant. Bring loose dark clothes to wear home.

Spray Tan $40  Weekly $35

Spray Tanning Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a spray tan last?

Our spray tans last anywhere from seven to ten days depending on your skin and level of activity you do in that time frame. Swimming and exercise will make your tan fade faster. 

What should I do before a spray tan?

A couple of days prior to your tan start exfoliating when you shower using body wash and an exfoliating glove. The day of your tan, jump in the shower, exfoliate and shave any areas you would normally shave. We suggest doing this before a tan as shaving after may remove some of your tan. Once out the shower don’t wear any deodorant or moisturiser as this may affect your tan.  

What should I bring to my tan appointment?

It is recommended to wear loose dark clothing and thongs or sandals. We have disposable g-strings to wear while you tan but feel free to bring your own underwear.

How to get the most out of your tan?

Moisturise as much as possible. Twice a day is recommend. If you have an event on and need it to last, limit swimming and exercise where possible.

Can I swim or shower after my tan?

Yes you can but it is recommended not to go swimming if you have an event on as it may make your tan fade faster.

How often can I get a spray tan?

You can get a spray tan as often as once a week if you like to be golden all your round! Otherwise whenever you have an event on.

How soon before my even should I get my tan?

For best results we recommended anywhere from two days prior to the day before your event.